A Declaration of Love

This is great storytelling (though some parts beg many questions). But as a content piece it has the various elements, emotions and insight to take you on a journey and at the end, after the emotional reveal, you look at the brand that did this and go, WTF does this have anything to do with hair colour.

This is probably why you need a brand planner. Creativity and storytelling is useless unless there’s a clear linkage to the brand.


Can you walk on water?

An interesting piece of marketing by Hong Leong Bank for the launch of Mach

Over 8 million views in a week is no small feat of content marketing especially by an Asian bank. What this video has to do with banking however, is completely beyond me.

Handy By Flora


Many brands fail trying to leverage on technology to create something cool and gimmicky for their products in the digital space. Most of the time, it’s because these were executed frivolously with the technology solutions solving no genuine consumer problem whatsoever.

Enter this touch free recipe players by Unilever brand Flora. Rooted on a genuine consumer insight that following recipes online while cooking can be extremely messy business (which my wife can testify to), Handy by Flora is a new web app that aims to change all that though, by letting you control recipe videos on YouTube using gestures (detected using your webcam) without even having to touch your laptop.

Check it out at www.handybyflora.com

Dell “Beginnings”

Dell celebrates the humble beginnings of all great companies in this unbelievably good Dell ad. Most companies get so big that they forget their roots as an innovator, a consumer champion and a company that set out into greatness and to solve a genuine problem with a fantastic product or solution.

Kudos to Dell for this great ad, a wonderful point of view that celebrates them becoming a private company once again. When you answer to no one and don’t have to worry about public opinion and your stock price, you can start acting on your roots again, manifesting your true brand purpose and putting your customers at the centre of everything you do.

Storytelling at its best

This is simply brilliant storytelling from BBH London and Robinsons Drinks. A nice plot twist at the end with an extremely interesting and unique point of view – It’s good to be a dad but it’s better to be a friend, this ad plays (no pun intended) nicely into Robinsons’ tagline of Play Thirsty.

Guinness Wheel Chair Basketball

This is a great example of good storytelling that is rooted on a strong consumer insight.

The video shows a group of handicapped men playing wheel chair basketball and ends with a surprising twist. The voiceover alludes that the choices we make reveal the true nature of our character. This is strongly tied to the insight that at a pub/bar most people order beers but you need to make a conscious choice to choose a Guinness. Guinness drinkers make bolder choices. They aren’t spectators to life but active participants.

Done by BBDO Worldwide.

See Your Folks


This is a timely reminder and a great example of how a simple digital idea can help drive a behavior change. See Your Folks is a website that predicts based on location, how often you visit your parents now and their individual ages. Based on data from the World Health Organization, it simply computes the number of times you will get to see them again based on your current frequency and their predicted lifespan.

A simple idea, but one that is sure to drive action to improve on frequency, especially now that it has dawn upon you that there’s a finite number of times you will actually get to see them before the inevitable happens.

Visit the site here.