Digital Strategist & Tech Entrepreneur. I’m currently a partner at product development studio Cllique (www.cllique.com) and co-founder of Lensy (www.lensy.com). Most recently Digital Planning Director at BBDO/Proximity where I worked to help connect global brands like P&G, HP, FedEx, VISA and Mercedes-Benz with consumers by leveraging on behavioral insights and technology to build deeper and more meaningful relationships.

I also believe that making things people want is infinitely far more interesting and valuable than trying to make people want things. We need to start building products and solutions in a quick and agile way that are elegant, user centric, solves a genuine consumer problem and wrap it around some amazing storytelling. Creating a behavior change requires both insight and emotion in the story we tell but also an easy access to the behavior change via a platform, software or experience. That’s why I’m now focusing on trying to build things that people want – Digital products and systems that solve problems, disrupt traditional businesses and empower consumers.

Connect with me

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I also write about emerging marketing and trends on Clickz 


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