Handy By Flora


Many brands fail trying to leverage on technology to create something cool and gimmicky for their products in the digital space. Most of the time, it’s because these were executed frivolously with the technology solutions solving no genuine consumer problem whatsoever.

Enter this touch free recipe players by Unilever brand Flora. Rooted on a genuine consumer insight that following recipes online while cooking can be extremely messy business (which my wife can testify to), Handy by Flora is a new web app that aims to change all that though, by letting you control recipe videos on YouTube using gestures (detected using your webcam) without even having to touch your laptop.

Check it out at www.handybyflora.com


Mobile Orchestra


This is a true testament to digital agencies, the ones that make and build things be it for their clients or for themselves. Those that go beyond creating web banners and microsites to actually building applications and physical objects; marrying the disciplines of design, sociology, hardware and software engineering.

Credit to AKQA for this great musical mobile orchestra in their collaboration with the Pacific Chamber Symphony to present Carol Of The Bells this Christmas 2012.

You can try it out with your own mobile devices here

Face Retirement


Merrill Edge (a self directed online investment arm of Merrill Lynch and part of Bank of America) has launched a really interesting online application that shows you how you would look in the future when you get old to prompt people into starting to save for their retirement.

The application is powered by ModiFace (a Virtual Makeover Technology company) that creates a composite photo of your face revealing wrinkles, spots, saggy skin and all the bells and whistles that come with ageing and being old.

The insight for the app came from a study conducted in 2011 where researchers found that we’re often reluctant to save for retirement because deep down, we don’t identify with the older person we’ll one day be. It was nicely encapsulated into the quote “To people estranged from their future selves. saving is like a choice between spending money today or giving it to a stranger years from now”.

Test subjects in the study also underwent a virtual reality simulatin that showed them a computer generated vision of themselves at retirement age and then asked them questions about money. Researchers concluded that those who interacted with their virtual future selves exhibited an increase tendenacy to delay gratification (i.e. save and accept later monetary rewards over immediate ones) and save more.

Try it for yourself here