Coca Cola Security Cameras

I’ve said this many times: Coca Cola is one of the world’s most well known and loved brands for a reason. One single minded brand purpose – Open Happiness. A brand platform that can be communicated in so many different ways and that resonates to consumers emotionally. 

In this series, Coke shows us how happiness can come from looking at the world a little differently.

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One thought on “Coca Cola Security Cameras

  1. This video from Coca-Cola really touched my heart. What better song than Roger Hodgson’s “Give A Little Bit”, a song with a powerful & eternal message that we should always give our love to others whenever we can. For those who are curious, it is a Roger Hodgson recording, not a Supertramp recording. It is truly magical to hear this song live, this is Roger’s largest USA & European tour this summer & fall in 30 years, details at RogerHodgson(dot)com or visit his store at RogerHodgsonStore(dot)com. For up-to-date info see here: facebook(dot)com/RogerHodgsonOfficial

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